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What to do if you already lost or forgot your password??

You can recover your lost or forgotten password using password recovery software (password crackers).

LastBit Software offers wide range of password recovery solutions including Express Recovery for Word and Excel documents (it takes just two minutes regardless of the password length!), Access, Zip, Outlook password recovery, Internet password recovery and much more.

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Enterprise Password Manager

When it comes to improving the security and protection of corporate applications, many companies yield to the complex passwords that are to be changed frequently.

Besides the corporate application passwords, each employee must remember quite a lot of passwords for the mail, websites, current documents, etc. And should an employee forget a password, get sick or quit and not leave
passwords to important documents, that often leads to further difficulties and to considerable expenses on recovering the crucial data.

Aurora Password Manager - Multiuser Password Management Solution for Enterprises (Windows Vista compatible).
Advanced Encryption Algorithm, SuperPaste feature and IE toolbar plug-in, possibility to store database on removable media (like USB) aren't the full list of features for Aurora Password Manager.